Another bag!

My niece has a little blue bag (store bought) that I really liked the shape of. And when I see something that I can make myself, what do I do?

pink handbag for kids

Check out the green lining fabric peeking through the top of the bag


pink handbag for kids

check out my redecorated coffee corner!

close up of ribbon and lace corsage on bag

I had little bits of lace and ribbon lying around. and buttons.

C holding bag

little girl in (homemade) purple dress holding her new bag

I just realized something funny. My girls never questioned why they need so many bags. For other things they do. If I’m out shopping and I am about to buy another (something that we already have at home), R will always remind me, “but we already have that!”. But when it comes to bags, they never say no (just like Mummy). I hope I’m not starting them on a bad habit… hehe

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