3 years ago, I made R a backpack for kindergarten. I posted it on one of my older blogs (which nobody reads) and someone (a stranger) actually emailed me asking if I could make a customized bag for her son! I didn’t think about it then, being pregnant with #2 and running after #1, it didn’t make any sense for me to start on something I couldn’t finish. Sewing is something I enjoy but it is a labour of love.

3 years later, #2 needed a backpack too. I actually kept the same fabric in pristine condition, but used a different colour combination for the zip and loop.

customized backpacks for children

Guess which is the newer backpack?

No prizes for this one. Look how used the older backpack is! And how clean and bright the new fabric is!

top view of backpack

Top view showing the zips and straps

The new bag has a pink plastic zip which is easier for little hands to pull. This time round, I invested in a better quality zip from Spotlight. Cost me three times the price of the green Daiso zip.

close up of the new bag

Check out the embroidered felt letter!

I bought a shiny flower zip pull as well to make it easier to handle. Then I blanket stitched the letter C to finish it off!

the happy owner

Trying her backpack out for the first time.

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  • July 24, 2011 - 1:47 pm | Permalink

    The zip was definitely a worthwhile investment!!

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