Happy Green Summer Dresses


Botanic Gardens

Beautiful weather on Saturday morning, and the kids were up bright and early (as usual). So we went for a picnic!
breakfast picnic


I made some sandwiches, but R insisted on bringing her own jam from a cute little jar of jam. Can you guess what C is having? It’s my specialty (but actually my Mum’s invention). Nutella and sliced cheese sandwiches. She was fighting us for our share. It’s really good. I promise.

strawberry jam

They wore their pretty summer dresses that I made months back. It’s a light green cotton fabric with the prettiest print, and it’s cool and flowy. Perfect to stay cool and still look pretty in this heat. I added a lace trim around the waistline to make it sweeter.

green summer dress

My kids go skate scooter-ing in dresses. Yes. Other mums might think I’m crazy. But I made these play dresses loose and flowy so they can do just that!

play clothes


flower bracelet

C was also wearing a flower bracelet that I crocheted the day before.

Ended the outing by feeding the fishies. Couldn’t take pics of the fishies in the murky water. But there were birds in the pavillion picking up the leftover breadcrumbs.


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