Josie Dress in Black Satin

R is having a mini piano recital tomorrow (Sun), I knew about it some time ago, but her teacher only informed me of the dress code on Wednesday. She said black or white dress, but if she doesn’t have, just a light color dress will do. That got me all excited. I think I was more excited about the dress than the recital itself ;)

I didn’t have time to go fabric shopping till Friday morning, and spent whole of Friday afternoon (in between chores) and Saturday morning making this!

Josie Dress in black


Josie Dress in black close up


Josie Dress in black


Josie Dress in black back view

Haha note the little head sticking out in the last picture…. photos had to be taken quickly when there is a little one around!

Ok, dress done. Better go bug her to practice!

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