Ready to make the Josie Dress

I saw this book – Girl’s World by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom blog one night at Shelley’s place. Fell in love with this particular dress called the Josie dress. I’ve completed one (but yet to take photos), and this past week has been so crazy busy despite the fact that there were public holidays. In fact, holidays are busier because of the entertaining I have to do (entertaining the two little girls of course)

So I barely had time to work on the second dress… meaning tracing and cutting out a new set of patterns as it turns out the the first dress was too big, and while Shelley was making the size S for 5 year old A and we let 3 year old C try it on and realized it was too big! So C needs a XS. The transferring the patterns to fabric and cutting all the pieces out. Then there was no time to start sewing… so this will have to wait…

amy butler fabric for josie dress


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