Quilted cushion cover using Sarah Jane’s fabrics

These came in the mail yesterday.


Hidden in the pile was a fabric that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. The only bit I could grab was from this fat quarter bundle.


I was thinking of using it as a feature panel on the front of a little bag/backpack for the kids, but the size of the characters was a little too large for the bag I had in mind, but with just one panel and two little girls, I had to figure out how to “split” the parade up :(

So here’s what I made. Part 1 of 2 cushions.

Part 2 hasn’t been made yet ;) but I couldn’t wait to share! The fabric is really beautiful and soft and perfect for hugging! It was quite a labour of love, because it was my first time quilting, and everything had to be measured exactly, lines must be perfectly straight, and I even made my own piping for the first time!

These will go on their beds. I have been decorating their room very slowly and only when inspired ;) . The wallpaper was the first source of inspiration, and I stuck to white/light color bedsheets because I wanted to make colorful accents but never found the right fabric till I saw these! Oh and I think I might be ordering some prints to go with these from Sarah Jane’s etsy store!

Part 2 will feature the pink elephant!

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