Sewer’s Block

Is there such a thing? Like writer’s block? Last week inspiration hit me to create a really poofy skirt for my kids. I bought C some purple with white polka dots fabric, plus some white tulle. But the problem with sewing without a pattern is that I overestimated. I was trying to make a gather skirt with as much fabric I could bunch up but it turned out too thick and heavy and was impossible to put on. Plus I didn’t cut the tulle carefully and the edges were jagged and that really bothered me.. On the verge of unpicking but did not feel like it. So I chucked the whole project in the Spotlight plastic bag that the fabric came in, and shoved it in the store room knowing that I might never see it again.

Sometimes it happens that way,  when it doesn’t go as planned (or it didn’t turn out the way it looked in my head), we just bury our heads in the sand and wish the problem would go away. But it didn’t.

Finally, yesterday, i mustered enough courage to open it up and decided that instead of unpicking, I would chuck the ruined tulle, and go for a simple multi-tiered skirt (in progress) by cutting up the fabric into strips of varying lengths. This time, I sat down, drew a diagram, did my calculations and it looks like it will turn out ok. The funny thing is, this always happens to me. I tend to rush into things without thinking, hoping for quick results, but sewing has taught me that the more you plan, and the straighter you cut your cloth, or even invest some time in ironing while you sew, will give you the best results. Not rushing through stitches will mean less unpicking. Sewing has taught me patience. Something I need loads of. :)

In the meantime, I have been planning (in my head) two perfect little bags for the girls to carry their ballet stuff. The only problem is, the fabric is not here yet, and I’m also waiting for some iron on vinyl to arrive so that I can make the bags waterproof. To jazz up the bags, they will have their own personalized bag charms. The rabbit in the above picture will be part of it. I’m thinking of beads, monograms, sparkles, bells…..



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