Woolly mittens

I’ve gotten over the sewer’s block, and my fabric order from fabric.com arrived. So I’m all ready to sew! But something cropped up last week and my space got invaded + single parenting week + PSLE marking week (a school holiday for primary school children while the teachers are busy marking Pri.6 exam papers) meant that I needed 2 heads and 8 limbs.

So when I finally get to sit down at the end of the day, the only thing I could lift was a crochet needle. And this craft was necessary because we have confirmed our trip to winter wonderland :)

I bought pink and purple wool, went through a few free patterns on lionbrand’s website but the sizing was not quite right because I didn’t quite know how to estimate the wool gauge. (Not even sure if I got the technical terms right) So I just did free hand crochet! And here are the results

purple mittens

purple mittens

I made crochet hearts and scalloped edges to make them more girly. While making them, these were the words that kept repeating in my head :)

“Not one of them is like the other, don’t ask me why, go ask your mother”  - Dr Seuss




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