A new bag using Puti de pome fabrics

During my trip to Hokkaido in December, I came across a craft little shop (more like a craft section) within the Aeon Mall at Wing Bay Otaru. Hanging from the ceiling were bags, and below, fabrics and notions that you can buy to make the very same bag!

I fell in love with this one immediately.

Puti de pome bag

The fabric is sooooo cute!!!!

There were two other colors,  but I chose the original brown. Part of the fabric range includes the co-ordinating stripes for the base and side pockets. The strap is also printed with the cute characters.

My kids were really observant, they noticed that the characters on the strap had arms and legs whilst the ones on the fabric didn’t! ;)

puti de pome bag lining

For the lining, I chose a brown linen with multi color polka dots which I bought from Japan too, but from another fabric shop. My DH thought it was such a waste of a lovely fabric, but to me, the lining is a huge part of the bag. It really completes the bag, using anything less co-ordinated would have been a waste of the exterior fabric. I only bought enough of the striped fabric for the side pockets and base, which was why I couldn’t use the same striped fabric for the interior.

I selected the fabrics and strap (on a roll) and brought it to the cutting counter, and just out of curiousity I asked if they had the pattern for the bag, and they did! The lady serving me took out an A4 size clear folder and in it were photocopies of the pattern. So she gave me one for free. She even helped me measure out the exact amount I needed, double checked that she had the correct orientation before cutting the fabric. Amazing service! Next time you have the chance to shop in Japan, try asking for the pattern. The word for pattern in Japanese is actually borrowed from english, パターン pronounced as (pa-ta-n) which is actually pretty similar so they will understand you if you do abit of pointing and saying the word slowly ;)

Some shops sell the patterns of the sample bags but usually those patterns are actual sized pattern paper which is why they will charge you for it. As this pattern was made up of simple geometric shapes, a diagram showing how the shape was derived was drawn on the A4 size paper so you will still have to draw it out yourself on a larger piece of paper to make the patterns. But it’s pretty easy.

Fabric line is from Puti de pome, made in Japan. You can have a drool at the fabrics here!

Oh, and by the way, the bag looks kiddy and my blog is all about kids but This bag is for ME! :)


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  • Kaye Stender
    June 22, 2013 - 9:34 am | Permalink


    I just love that bag with the little children. Is there anyway to buy that pattern or can you direct me to the website where that pattern is sold.



  • Cotton Candy
    June 28, 2013 - 9:43 am | Permalink

    Hi Kaye,

    The pattern was provided free at the store where I bought the fabric. But it’s entirely in Japanese. The dimensions are provided for the pattern pieces and steps are in diagrams. I’ll have to see if I can find it and email it to you?

  • Kaye Stender
    July 11, 2013 - 4:34 pm | Permalink

    I would really appreciate it. That’s okay if it’s in Japanese, I have a daughter-in-law that can help me with the translations.


  • Kaye Stender
    July 18, 2013 - 12:53 pm | Permalink


    here’s my email incase you find the pattern.



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