The play dress

After the flurry of activities for Chinese New Year, it was back to the grind of school and after school activities. I’ve had time to sew but I just realized I have not updated my blog for a month! Our days are so busy that it was so hard to find time to take photos of new dresses. Thankfully, we’re having a short one week term break. So here is an update. I recently updated my other blog with a book review, and this is what I made from that book. The dress is made out of blue gingham seersucker. The check reminds me of my kindergarten school uniform, but the seersucker makes it so summer-y :)

I’ve been wanting to make these casual floaty play dresses that do not require zips/buttons because it makes it easier for the girls to put them on. My girls have so many dresses that they wear¬†dresses most of the time, even when we’re just staying at home. Pretty dresses. Sometimes they just wear it for an hour or two. So these dresses are just the thing because it doesn’t restrict movement and allows them to play freely, and they won’t get hot! Best of all, very little ironing is required because seersucker is meant to look crumply ;)

To make it a little more interesting, I added some details to the front and back of the dress. A little hand embroidered rainbow. Too bad I only thought of adding it on later on, or else I would have sewn it neatly beneath the yoke when I was attaching it. I would rather hand sew it on then do any unpicking and ruin the topstitch, so this will have to do! The rainbow was inspired by the curved yoke of the dress.

And a little word at the back. Inspired by my favourite J-rock band. It means rainbow in French. I’m not sure if I was supposed to have dashes between, but I preferred the look of it as one continuous word.

If you like this dress, check out the rest of the patterns in the book review!


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  • Lisa Ong
    November 15, 2012 - 12:29 pm | Permalink

    Hello there.. I’m sewing this for my daughter too, in pink stripes seersucker. I’m cutting my fabric and realise there’s no pattern pieces for the bias strip. There ‘s no measurement except, 3cm for the width, and no indication of the length. It just says Slashed circle symbol +3 for the back armhole bias strip and a triangle symbol +3 for the front arm bias strip. Wht does this symbol mean?

    • Cotton Candy
      November 15, 2012 - 1:37 pm | Permalink

      Hi, the symbols are indicated on the cutting diagram on page 40. the circle and slash refers to the length of the armhole for the back pattern piece, and the triangle refers to the length for the front pattern piece. Since the length depends on the size you are making, you have to measure it and add 3cm to it for the length to cut.

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