Finally finished

After making this dress from this book, I needed to make another one for my 3 yr old. I originally made one for her using another fabric which she chose, but I forgot to add seam allowances when cutting out the skirt frills and that skirt ended up too short! Which is why I don’t post everything I make because some of them don’t pass my own personal quality control :) It didn’t matter anyway because she still wore it and love it to bits. But I decided I had to make a matching one for her in my favourite Sarah Jane fabric.

I was also asked my by bff to make one for her niece, and that was quite a while back, so I really sat on this for quite a while as I got distracted with other projects :P

Anyway, it’s finally done!

The two dresses I finally finished sewing!

Look at them all in a row… This is what will happen to me if I have three daughters???!!!

And yes even though you have seen this dress before, I just needed to post and gush about how much cuter the dress is in the itsy bitsy size. The frills are more exaggerated and imagine this on a cute little diapered wiggly butt :)

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