New dress for Mell Chan!

I’m sewing faster than I can blog! :) I’ve  been catching up on sewing backlog. Making dresses that I’ve promised the girls, experimental projects that are not yet fit to be seen. And oh, I’ve been sewing for myself! I think that must have been the real reason why I’ve taken so long to post. :)

I did make this last week though.

Mel Chan has a new dress! The last time I made them new dresses, I did it without a pattern. I was asked if I had one, and it got me to thinking about looking for one online. And this is what I found. A free pattern from a japanese site called . It comes with the downloadable PDF pattern as well as the step by step instructions (photographs) on the blog.

Hope this will help anyone looking for a Mel Chan’s doll dress pattern. With the basic bodice and skirt pattern, you can make variations to it, like short sleeves, sleeveless, short summer skirt, A-line skirt. The possibilities are endless.

I added a Pink ribbon button I bought in a pack of six from Daiso. Looks perfect! :)

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  • Sinyo Sutanto
    April 13, 2013 - 12:01 am | Permalink

    I can buy this produc, can you help me fund the store?

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