Chinese New Year Sewing 2013

Where did the month of February go? I left a couple of drafts in the folder and it was only today that I realized that haven’t been completed or published. Signs of aging I think.

February was a short month, but also super busy with sewing and Chinese new year celebrations. The amount of sewing I did this year was quite shocking, even to myself ;P I made 3 dresses for myself, 4 dresses for the girls, 2 bags, and 2 sets of pajamas! It was also Girls’ Dresses month on my other blog so I was really busy getting the videos, tutorials and patterns out on time. If you are interested, hop on over to take a look. It’s a basic dress with lots of instructions, so if you are trying to learn how to sew for your kids, it might be useful to you. :)

So here are the PJs I made for the girls. The pattern is from Cucito Winter/Early Spring 2013¬†that I reviewed recently, with awfully expensive quilting fabric from Spotlight. Bought two days just before they went on sale. Arggghhhh….But it’s so so so cute. Love the mermaids! I really scrimped on the fabric, maxed out the 80cm worth by placing pattern pieces very close to each other. As a result the print on the two front panels are not really in the ideal position, but what to do? The fabric was almost $20/m and I only bought 80cm…

Notice the pants are not from the same series of fabric. I bought a cheaper basic fabric to go along with it. Think it does match pretty well. The other set was in blue with turquoise polka dotted pants. Can’t be shown here right now as it is way too crumpled after coming out of the dryer. So the question is, do you usually iron your PJs???

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