New Bathrobes!

This is a project that I have put off for far too long. We have one old pink bathrobe that was bought when my older girl was 3. Now she’s 8 and the bathrobe has been passed down to her sister who is almost 5. So you can guess how short and tight it must be now. Yet it is something they use pretty often since they go swimming almost every week. So I finally got around to it :)

I used the fleece hoodie pattern that I drafted for my free tutorial. But I had to modify the front a little (done freehand). For the fabric, I decided to buy bath towels that were on sale at $8.99 each rather than by the meter because the terry fabric at Spotlight was 19.99/m!!! Furthermore the colors were not very nice and the fabric was not of very good quality. Naturally, only white and some odd colors were on sale so white was my best choice. I decided to jazz it up with some fabric scraps to prevent it from looking too plain. I used 2 bath towels per robe, and even then the sleeves had to be 3/4 length, which was fine by me because it does allow for more movement. I also added some front pockets, sewed down straps (since kids are always losing straps!) and finished all the edges with bias made from Sarah Jane’s Just stay little fabric. Ta-dah!

Trying to see how tight it can go!

The blue version
Love the peekaboo effect of the fabric lined hood. :)

Plush bathrobes for kids!


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