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Holiday Sewing – Caps

What do you sew for a Summer holiday? I chose to sew some new caps for the girls! The pattern is from last year’s Cucito Summer edition (in the picture below, the pink cap on left), I even bought the prettiest fabric to go with it. It’s a Japanese strawberry patchwork print by Yuwa (I read more »

New Bathrobes!

This is a project that I have put off for far too long. We have one old pink bathrobe that was bought when my older girl was 3. Now she’s 8 and the bathrobe has been passed down to her sister who is almost 5. So you can guess how short and tight it must read more »

Back to school sewing – Part 2

Her wallet one year ago… I love the fabric. I still do, but I admit it was too thin for use as a wallet. Even with interfacing.  And as the fabric is not coated, it got pretty dirty.  I thought the button closure was not the best idea too, at least not for a 8 read more »

Back to School Sewing – Part 1

Remember these pencil cases? Barely a year later… Both fabric and strap has faded. Used to look like this on the inside… Now it looks like this! So this year I’m using a laminated cotton. Hopefully it will be tougher against fading and dirt. Aren’t the hippos cute! It’s a Japanese fabric I bought for read more »

Back to school sewing

After enjoying a fabulous holiday in Japan, it’s back to school next week. I had been meaning to get R a new wallet since she had been using her old one for 1.5 yrs and it now looks like this. It looks even blacker on the inside ;P And of course I was itching to read more »

New Pencil Cases

It’s already the second term of school so it’s kind of late to make this now This is more of a back to school project and something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. R’s last pencil case (also hand made) is already grubby and dirty. It’s still holding up well but I made read more »

Holiday Knitting

We’re headed to winter wonderland for the school holidays. Need lots of warm clothing. Great excuse to purchase yarn from Martha Stewart line! I just love her color palettes, especially the blues and greens. I bought some gray Merino wool for the hub, some extra soft wool for the kids and this wonderful soft and read more »

Cat in the Hat library bag

My girls are great fans of Dr Seuss books. Great for early readers, funny stories, quirky characters and brilliant illustrations. My little one is learning to read right now and she loves Dr Seuss! So when I saw this fabric on etsy I just had to get it. By the way, the price was about 9-10USD/yard, read more »

Woolly mittens

I’ve gotten over the sewer’s block, and my fabric order from arrived. So I’m all ready to sew! But something cropped up last week and my space got invaded + single parenting week + PSLE marking week (a school holiday for primary school children while the teachers are busy marking Pri.6 exam papers) meant read more »

Sewer’s Block

Is there such a thing? Like writer’s block? Last week inspiration hit me to create a really poofy skirt for my kids. I bought C some purple with white polka dots fabric, plus some white tulle. But the problem with sewing without a pattern is that I overestimated. I was trying to make a gather read more »