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The dress that got stuck in my head

This is a true story of an obsession with a dress. A picture of a dress I saw at Shelley’s house while browsing through her Japanese sewing books, I couldn’t remember where and when but the picture of the dress was stuck in my head. I didn’t even know which book or where to begin read more »

Chinese New Year Dresses

Every Chinese New Year, I go into a sewing frenzy. I used to sew new cushion covers, new curtains for my kitchen, and of course, new dresses for the kids. It’s a Chinese tradition to wear new clothes on the first day of the new year to signify a new  beginning, but many of us read more »

Josie Dress in Turquoise

Here is my installment of our turquoise challenge. It really took me a long time to overcome the fear of cutting fabric! But Estelle told me that she really loves the dresses I make her as they are “made with a special fabric called love”. And that really got me going. (That and the fact read more »

Josie dress in Heather Bailey fabric

This was the other dress I made. It was a size M but I realized that the sizes run big, despite following the given measurements, I should have made one size smaller. Now even after taking out 5cm from the back the bodice is still loose, so I will have to take in the sides read more »

Josie Dress in Amy Butler Fabric

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Crochet collar dress

I came across something like this on another blog, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere in my bookmarks. Anyway, the idea was similar but she didn’t have a pattern because she just made it up as she went along, and so I just tried doing the same thing! It is basically a lattice read more »

Ready to make the Josie Dress

I saw this book – Girl’s World by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom blog one night at Shelley’s place. Fell in love with this particular dress called the Josie dress. I’ve completed one (but yet to take photos), and this past week has been so crazy busy despite the fact that there were public holidays. In read more »

New doll, new clothes!

We gave C a Mell-chan doll this year for her birthday. R liked it so much we bought her one for her birthday too. It really makes a difference when you have two girls and you buy them a doll each, because now, instead of fighting over one doll, they have their own and it’s read more »

Happy Green Summer Dresses

  Beautiful weather on Saturday morning, and the kids were up bright and early (as usual). So we went for a picnic!   I made some sandwiches, but R insisted on bringing her own jam from a cute little jar of jam. Can you guess what C is having? It’s my specialty (but actually my read more »

Summer dresses

I made this for our “turquoise challenge” over the weekend. Took this photo at sunset hence the yellow streak of light over the dress, it was so hard to get her to stop wriggling! I think the top is a bit too tight though. I made it based on one of her existing dresses but read more »