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Back to School Sewing – Part 1

Remember these pencil cases? Barely a year later… Both fabric and strap has faded. Used to look like this on the inside… Now it looks like this! So this year I’m using a laminated cotton. Hopefully it will be tougher against fading and dirt. Aren’t the hippos cute! It’s a Japanese fabric I bought for read more »

Holiday Sewing 2012

This year’s holiday projects. No knitting. No crochet. All fleece. Why? Because fleece is cheap, quick to sew and easy. Plus, it doesn’t fray. No “heartpains” when things go missing This is just part of it. There are 4 more fleece pants and two more hoodies in the wash. They didn’t make it in time read more »

November Sewing

November was frantic sewing month! I had 4 flower girl dresses plus sewing for holidays to complete. Everything was in the in-between phase during the month so there was no completed photos and no updates. The wedding was last Sunday so I was finally forced to complete the dresses. I work better with deadlines! Here read more »

On Parade Dress

New resolution despite it not being the New Year. I need to update this blog more often! I made this dress a couple of weeks back. Using Sarah Jane fabrics (yes again!) What happened was that I was so in love with the fabric that I bought 6 metres of it at once, but did read more »

Little beds for Mell-chan

I just realized that I have not posted for 2 months! Where did the time go? I have been busy with my other blog most of all, but I have been sewing. So when I sew for the other blog, I find it quite repetitive to post it again in this one. But today’s project read more »

Mummy I want a new dress

My kids don’t have to shop for dresses. Or rather, they just tell me when they feel like having a new dress and then they get to pick from my pretty fabric stash and just ask for a dress tailored to their measurements. Sometimes they will even tell me specifics like how they want the read more »

More back to school sewing – lesson bag

 Fabric by Push Pin for Kokka fabric. It’s Thumbelina! Side view. Added gathered pockets to hold their water bottles.  Super cute name labels I bought from Japan. Lining fabric from Spotlight. Not my best choice but I had to destash hehe…. 1m of fabric was enough to make 2! Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it read more »

Back to school sewing

After enjoying a fabulous holiday in Japan, it’s back to school next week. I had been meaning to get R a new wallet since she had been using her old one for 1.5 yrs and it now looks like this. It looks even blacker on the inside ;P And of course I was itching to read more »

Holiday Sewing

I have a little tendency to go crazy with holiday sewing. You know the whole purpose of a holiday is that you go THERE and spend money on impractical but ultra cute clothes that are perfect for THEIR weather (and never for Singapore), which you will end up wearing every single day while you are read more »

Purple Linen Dress

I have been trying to find a cheaper source of linen after making a linen shirt for myself. Spotlight usually sells it at almost $30 per m!!! The dress I wanted to make needed about 1.5m which meant $45 before I have even started work on it. Luckily, while rummaging through the bargain section, I read more »