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Josie Dress in Black Satin

R is having a mini piano recital tomorrow (Sun), I knew about it some time ago, but her teacher only informed me of the dress code on Wednesday. She said black or white dress, but if she doesn’t have, just a light color dress will do. That got me all excited. I think I was read more »

Josie Dress in Turquoise

Here is my installment of our turquoise challenge. It really took me a long time to overcome the fear of cutting fabric! But Estelle told me that she really loves the dresses I make her as they are “made with a special fabric called love”. And that really got me going. (That and the fact read more »

Pink and Purple

Pink and purple flower hairpins and rings for kiddos. Thanks Aunty BK! ¬†Aunty BK please comment on what the flowers are made of? Thanks! Oh, and I really tried, but I could not get a shot of them wearing the hairpins. The heads just wouldn’t keep still!     Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it read more »