Piano Recital Dress in Tiffany Blue!

It’s time for another piano recital, and amazingly she still could fit into the Black dress I made for her two years ago! Looks like she’s only growing upwards but not sideways ;P  I was going to fall back on the same dress but then I stumbled upon this chiffon fabric in Spotlight (no I was NOT actually shopping for fabric), then I thought, how gorgeous it would be if it was laid over a similar colored fabric. So I just scooted over to the Cotton aisle and found this beautiful Aquamarine shade of cotton sateen. The dress pattern is a simple fitted bodice dress with a circle skirt from the book Simple+One – my source of patterns for really pretty dress. I had some difficulty hemming the chiffon though as the fabric was so thin and slippery, was so mad with my machine ;P but the results turned out pretty good, you can hardly see my lousy hemming on the chiffon.


Showing off the circle skirt.


The sash is made of taffeta, a papery satin fabric that is great for pouffy ball gowns. Her hair and the sash are covering the important bits of the zip. I must say it is one of my best efforts at sewing zips thus far. Simply because I actually hand basted the opening and the zip before sewing. :)

My favourite shot of the photoshoot.

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  • January 13, 2017 - 1:26 am | Permalink

    Simple, but beautiful :) I love this color!

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