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Chinese New Year Dresses

Every Chinese New Year, I go into a sewing frenzy. I used to sew new cushion covers, new curtains for my kitchen, and of course, new dresses for the kids. It’s a Chinese tradition to wear new clothes on the first day of the new year to signify a new  beginning, but many of us read more »

Holiday Knitting

We’re headed to winter wonderland for the school holidays. Need lots of warm clothing. Great excuse to purchase yarn from Martha Stewart line! I just love her color palettes, especially the blues and greens. I bought some gray Merino wool for the hub, some extra soft wool for the kids and this wonderful soft and read more »

Woolly mittens

I’ve gotten over the sewer’s block, and my fabric order from arrived. So I’m all ready to sew! But something cropped up last week and my space got invaded + single parenting week + PSLE marking week (a school holiday for primary school children while the teachers are busy marking Pri.6 exam papers) meant read more »

Crochet collar dress

I came across something like this on another blog, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere in my bookmarks. Anyway, the idea was similar but she didn’t have a pattern because she just made it up as she went along, and so I just tried doing the same thing! It is basically a lattice read more »

Crochet Bunny

Received this order a few weeks ago, after I made a crochet teddy bear for DH. Was requested to make a bunny and a cat. This pattern was free from the lionbrand yarn website, and even though I think the ears are not as floppy as I would have liked them to be, the overall read more »

Crochet Cupcake Pincushion

I’ve been using this $2 Daiso pin cushion for the longest time. But when I saw this cute crochet cupcake, I had to make one. I don’t think it was intended as a pin cushion so I added a piece of cardboard below to help keep it upright and prevent pins from poking through. Only read more »

New doll, new clothes!

We gave C a Mell-chan doll this year for her birthday. R liked it so much we bought her one for her birthday too. It really makes a difference when you have two girls and you buy them a doll each, because now, instead of fighting over one doll, they have their own and it’s read more »

A Crochet Bag

So the saga continues. This was made as part of the crochet frenzy after learning how to crochet flowers. Basically everything is on youtube, and most patterns are made up of the same few stitches. The idea is to focus and not lose count Which strangely for me, is relaxing, because I can shut out read more »

Apple Cosies

Mollie Makes wasn’t kidding when they said crocheting was addictive. After getting the hand of making the flowers. (No pics yet because they disappeared right off my table when I attached them to elastic hairbands and have already gotten lost, so I need to go look for them) And then I crocheted a bag (a read more »