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Piano Recital Dress in Tiffany Blue!

It’s time for another piano recital, and amazingly she still could fit into the Black dress I made for her two years ago! Looks like she’s only growing upwards but not sideways ;P  I was going to fall back on the same dress but then I stumbled upon this chiffon fabric in Spotlight (no I read more »

Girl’s Cheongsam

I haven’t posted here in a while, haha…so much for trying to post once a week Work has been non-stop and sewing had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks. But in the name of racial harmony day (being celebrated in both my girls’ schools this Friday). I decided to dig out read more »

Purple Frilly Dress

I have totally neglected my blog. I have been sewing for the kids, but most of the time I’ve been updating my other blog because I commit myself to a schedule and somehow that forces me to post more often. New mid-year resolution – to post here at least once a week! Or, at least read more »

November Sewing

November was frantic sewing month! I had 4 flower girl dresses plus sewing for holidays to complete. Everything was in the in-between phase during the month so there was no completed photos and no updates. The wedding was last Sunday so I was finally forced to complete the dresses. I work better with deadlines! Here read more »

On Parade Dress

New resolution despite it not being the New Year. I need to update this blog more often! I made this dress a couple of weeks back. Using Sarah Jane fabrics (yes again!) What happened was that I was so in love with the fabric that I bought 6 metres of it at once, but did read more »

Mummy I want a new dress

My kids don’t have to shop for dresses. Or rather, they just tell me when they feel like having a new dress and then they get to pick from my pretty fabric stash and just ask for a dress tailored to their measurements. Sometimes they will even tell me specifics like how they want the read more »

Purple Linen Dress

I have been trying to find a cheaper source of linen after making a linen shirt for myself. Spotlight usually sells it at almost $30 per m!!! The dress I wanted to make needed about 1.5m which meant $45 before I have even started work on it. Luckily, while rummaging through the bargain section, I read more »

Finally finished

After making this dress from this book, I needed to make another one for my 3 yr old. I originally made one for her using another fabric which she chose, but I forgot to add seam allowances when cutting out the skirt frills and that skirt ended up too short! Which is why I don’t read more »

Snow White Dress

  I don’t mind princesses. I really don’t. I enjoyed the stories as a child. What I really dislike is the merchandising. The gaudy princess designs that just go onto everything you can think of. From stationery to boots and t-shirts and socks. What I hate the most are the glittery acetate gowns that are read more »

The play dress

After the flurry of activities for Chinese New Year, it was back to the grind of school and after school activities. I’ve had time to sew but I just realized I have not updated my blog for a month! Our days are so busy that it was so hard to find time to take photos read more »