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Made some T-shirts for the kids!

I bought this knit fabric from Japan a couple of years ago. It’s been sitting in my stash because I was not confident of sewing with knits yet. Thankfully it was a really easy fabric to sew. Not too thin nor too stretchy. Plus it is so so soft and comfortable! Now I remember. I read more »

Birthday outfit for a 9 year old

My girl turned 9 yesterday, and it was customary for me to make a new dress or outfit for them. This year I chose to do something a little “older”. She still likes to wear dresses, but I realized she is outgrowing most of my books In the end I chose this – cape and read more »

Holiday Sewing – Caps

What do you sew for a Summer holiday? I chose to sew some new caps for the girls! The pattern is from last year’s Cucito Summer edition (in the picture below, the pink cap on left), I even bought the prettiest fabric to go with it. It’s a Japanese strawberry patchwork print by Yuwa (I read more »

Girl’s Cheongsam

I haven’t posted here in a while, haha…so much for trying to post once a week Work has been non-stop and sewing had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks. But in the name of racial harmony day (being celebrated in both my girls’ schools this Friday). I decided to dig out read more »

Ballet Bag

I finally got around to signing the little one up for Ballet class. Class timings are so tricky when you have two kids. I have to consider so many clashing schedules and let’s say I’ve put this off for too long. While signing her up, we needed to get her a new set of ballet read more »

Purple Frilly Dress

I have totally neglected my blog. I have been sewing for the kids, but most of the time I’ve been updating my other blog because I commit myself to a schedule and somehow that forces me to post more often. New mid-year resolution – to post here at least once a week! Or, at least read more »

New Bathrobes!

This is a project that I have put off for far too long. We have one old pink bathrobe that was bought when my older girl was 3. Now she’s 8 and the bathrobe has been passed down to her sister who is almost 5. So you can guess how short and tight it must read more »

Chinese New Year Sewing 2013

Where did the month of February go? I left a couple of drafts in the folder and it was only today that I realized that haven’t been completed or published. Signs of aging I think. February was a short month, but also super busy with sewing and Chinese new year celebrations. The amount of sewing read more »

Back to school sewing – Part 3

    Another back to school project – her lunch bag was whipped up in record time, just a simple lined tote with cute Suzy’s Zoo quilted fabric. I could wash it but I didn’t like how her water bottle always falls over and sometimes leaks, so time for a new bag!  Ta-da! Don’t you read more »

Back to school sewing – Part 2

Her wallet one year ago… I love the fabric. I still do, but I admit it was too thin for use as a wallet. Even with interfacing.  And as the fabric is not coated, it got pretty dirty.  I thought the button closure was not the best idea too, at least not for a 8 read more »