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Piano Recital Dress in Tiffany Blue!

It’s time for another piano recital, and amazingly she still could fit into the Black dress I made for her two years ago! Looks like she’s only growing upwards but not sideways ;P  I was going to fall back on the same dress but then I stumbled upon this chiffon fabric in Spotlight (no I read more »

Birthday outfit for a 9 year old

My girl turned 9 yesterday, and it was customary for me to make a new dress or outfit for them. This year I chose to do something a little “older”. She still likes to wear dresses, but I realized she is outgrowing most of my books In the end I chose this – cape and read more »

Girl’s Cheongsam

I haven’t posted here in a while, haha…so much for trying to post once a week Work has been non-stop and sewing had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks. But in the name of racial harmony day (being celebrated in both my girls’ schools this Friday). I decided to dig out read more »

New Bathrobes!

This is a project that I have put off for far too long. We have one old pink bathrobe that was bought when my older girl was 3. Now she’s 8 and the bathrobe has been passed down to her sister who is almost 5. So you can guess how short and tight it must read more »

Mummy I want a new dress

My kids don’t have to shop for dresses. Or rather, they just tell me when they feel like having a new dress and then they get to pick from my pretty fabric stash and just ask for a dress tailored to their measurements. Sometimes they will even tell me specifics like how they want the read more »

Holiday Sewing

I have a little tendency to go crazy with holiday sewing. You know the whole purpose of a holiday is that you go THERE and spend money on impractical but ultra cute clothes that are perfect for THEIR weather (and never for Singapore), which you will end up wearing every single day while you are read more »

Kids Clothes Week Challenge 2012 – Pumpkin Pants

So I didn’t exactly spend just one hour on this. How could I? The minute I start sewing I just wanted to finish it. But I did the tracing and cutting on Sunday though because I wanted to just sew on Monday. (is that cheating??? )  Tracing at night in the dim light. Cutting out read more »